Blog 8.5

Blog 8.5

Use italics on the container, or the larger piece, use quotes on the smaller item inside of it.


-Go to Purdue owl

-Howard’s office


-Online Citation Machine- Easy bib


-Name the source, MLA 8 citation of it, summary, and evaluation/connection to your project.

10 sources from scholarly journals and 5 from reputable sources.

  • But what about pop culture? You can use it! Just qualify it.

-Although not a true story, a recent film directed by Joe Something called Avengers: Infinity War shows how people suffer from grief after massive causalities. For example, when one of the heroes Captain America loses his best friend Bucky, he falls to his knees and starts breathing heavily. Although not everyone reacts towards grief the same way, this is one illustration of how people suffer after an apocalypse.

  • Everything should be qualified, particularly if the source is in doubt for some reason (maybe it doesn’t pass all of CRAAP, maybe its pop culture).
  • At this point, here’s where you should be :


-By the end of Feb, you should what’s called a hypothesis, or an education guess of what your thesis might be.

Hypothesis: People visit extreme location in order to become famous online. This practice is disrespectful to the victims of the disaster.

Chernobyl Diaries. Directed by Brad Parker, performances by Devin Kelley and Jonathan Sadowski, 2012, Amazon Prime,Insert Url Here.

This hard film by Parker shows what happens when a group of young adults get stranded in Chernobyl while on a tour. Although this film did not do well in the box office, and some scenes are really predictable, this movie helped me get a sense of how much the damage was to the city of Pripyat. I will use this as an example in my introduction to help my audience understand my topic.


Blog 8

Source 1:

“The Black Death.” Read, vol. 55, no. 10, Jan. 2006, p. 8. EBSCOhost,

The black death was a deadly pandemic that occurred in the 14th century and killed millions of people. The disease spread rapidly with no clues of what was causing it. The victims suffered through very painful symptoms and usually died within a week.

Source 2:

Wilmes, Marcia Fletchall. “Manual Dosage and Infusion Rate Calculations During Disasters: Review of a Problem-Solving Approach.” MEDSURG Nursing, vol. 27, no. 4, July 2018, pp. 247–250. EBSCOhost,

Nurses play a critical role in times of disasters due to their education on problem solving and leadership. They are also able to provide effective and safe patient care with little equipment which becomes extremely important during an a disaster.

Blog 7.5

Blog 7.5 notes

Find out the citation of the wolfe article. Put it in MLA style.

Wolfe, Joanne. Rhetorical Numbers. February, 2010.

Joanna Wolfe—use an author’s full name the first time.

Wolfe—use last name after that

Wolfe, Joanna. “Rhetorical Numbers: A Case for Quantitative Writing in the Classroom.” CCC,               vol 61, no 3, 2010, pp. 434-457.

1-2 sentences of summary: state thesis and state how she goes about proving it

2-3 sentences explaining why the source is purposeful and relevant and current to YOUR topic.

Wolfe argues that we should teach quantitative arguments in composition classes. She proposes changes in instruction, textbooks, writing assignments, and instructor training.

CRAAP model can work, but we’re going to ignore the authorship and accuracy part bc we know its peer reviewed and edited well.

We still need to evaluate on currency, relevance, and purpose.

Books go in italics. Journals go in italics.

Ex. Josh Marshall’s Camping Out is a book that I love.

21 Pilots just released an album called Trench. My favorite song is “Jumpsuit.”

Every proposal has roughly the same parts.

Thesis: Joanne Wolfe argues that we need more quantitative instruction in writing classes.

I. The world as it is

A. Numbers are everywhere

B. People Believe Two Things

1.  Numbers are always objective/right

2. Numbers have been cooked

II. The problem with the World

            A. Students don’t get training in this type of rhetoric.

            B. Their teachers don’t want to address it either.

III. The Solution to the Problem

  1. We need to teach students to think of numbers as rhetorical/persuasive.
  2. We need to design assignments to help them practice this.

Blog 7

In Rhetorical Numbers by Joanne Wolfe she expresses the importance of teaching on quantitative arguments in composition. She believes that with the development of instructional materials and correct instructor training students will be able to better understand quantitative arguments and rhetorical skills. Joanne wolf says that a rhetorical education will prepare students to be able to quickly identify fallacies by the time they graduate. Changes in textbooks, instructors, and assignments in composition would play a big role in this process.

Rhetorical Numbers by Joanna Wolfe was written in February of 2010. Joanna Wolfe is an associate professor of composition at the University of Louisville. I believe her source to be worthy because it was peered and scholarly reviewed. Wolfe thanks two people along with anonymous viewers for reading and commenting on the earlier version of her work. She also tells us that her arguments throughout are clearly indebted to groundwork laid by scholars in the rhetoric of science. At the end of her work, she provides a works cited page with a great number of sources. These three things lead me to believe that this source is worthy. y

Blog 6

Blog 4: email to a best friend (18 yr old)

Topic: why they should or should not participate in extreme tourism.

We wanted to find sources that support us. We want our friend to know that we care and that we are worried. We also want them to know that we have done our homework.

When we bring in the research, do we Quote it directly or summarize it?

When we do either one, we have to NAME the source and where they’re from.

Ex: Acc. To Josh Marshall, a freshmen in my class at AUM, “the power outage was the scariest of my life”.


On the other hand, sources may be used to disagree with us.

OUR EXAMPLE: Home health care is very dangerous and the nurses aren’t able to provide the care needed without harming themselves. According to Henrik Anderson, “Nurses are responsible for many seriously ill patients and they want to contribute good and safe patient care.” This is impossible because there are not enough safety precautions.

This is dangerous because it creates BINARY THINKING. (We did this thing in class to go to one side or the other, nor both)

Examples of how to avoid this:

In Josh Marshall’s book Camping Out (short things go in quotes, longer books and things go in italics), Marshall states that people “who want to avoid camping out are cowardly. It’s not fun to live your life in a hotel.” While I first found a problem with the word “cowardly,” I understand that Marshall wants to promote a life fully, lived both indoors and out.

Blog 5

Madison Stettler

Dr. Howard

English 1020

4 February 2018

Exploration/Topic Proposal Project

The past few weeks our class’s main focus has been on research and disasters or apocalyptic times. For example, on day one we created a weapon with our classmates that would be useful in terms of a disaster or apocalypse and on day two we wrote about a time we lost power or utilities and tools that became useful. We also conducted primary research and created a practice research paper. On day three, we evaluated sources and watched some Walking Dead clips and took notes. On day four, we learned about the CRAAP test and how to search images on google to verify the truth. Out of everything we have done so far, I think learning about research was the most important and has helped me out the most. Since our final paper is going to require research it’s important that I know how to find reliable sources and know what to look out for when conducting research.

As we have talked about disasters and apocalyptic times, I have been thinking about what I should do my paper on. On day three of class after watching the Walking Dead clips it finally came to me. The first clip we watched was filmed in a hospital during an apocalyptic time and he looked into a room where it looked like someone had been eaten by a zombie. The clips made me think about what we would do if a zombie apocalypse were to occur. This led me to the idea of having a life threating disease break out in Montgomery. How could keep those infected away from the public so it doesn’t kill everyone and cause an apocalypse? I decided to create a contamination building along with a field hospital. I am going to tie this topic into my major by having nurses working around the clock caring for and looking for a cure and treatment for the disease.

            Imagine that another strand of the “Black Death” has just been released. Those infected are highly contagious. Just a touch and you could end up with the disease yourself. No one wants to be near it so I’m going to create a contamination building out of the Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Al. Around the building, where the Alabama National Fair is held each year will be a field hospital. This building will be very important during this time to all of society keeping the infected people inside away from all public. The field hospital will include tents set up and this is where people who think they may have it will go to keep them from spreading the disease in public hospitals in case they are infected.

Garrett Coliseum. “Containment Building” Montgomery, AL.

To the left is a picture of the “Fair Grounds” beside the Garrett Coliseum which will be my contamination building. The photo on the right is a picture of a field hospital and what the “fair grounds” will look like during the infected times.

Research Questions:

1.In what ways will these places be useful during the spread of this life-threatening disease?

2.How will these places become helpful to society?

3. Who will make these places run effectively and how will they accomplish this task?

            I will find research that supports my idea and proposal for this topic from the internet. The sources that will help me most when doing my research is google and google scholar. I will have to find some information on a contamination building, fields hospitals, and more about the “The Black Death”. Although the disease that broke out in my paper will be a different strand, it will be the same concept. We’ve covered a lot on research in class that will help me with this process. We have gone over tips and steps to analyze sources, conducted primary research, created a sample research paper, and learned about the CRAAP test. One more thing I would like to know about research that we have not covered is what makes a writer reliable?

            My paper will start off talking about what the world is like today and how we live our lives. Then a new strand of “The Black Death” will break out and everyone’s easy-going lives will all change. A worldwide announcement will be made about the disease that has just broken out followed by a list of rules the public will be required to follow. My contamination building and field hospital will be introduced. A ridiculous amount of people ends up catching the disease and the public goes on a rage. The infected are in the contamination building being taken care of by the nurses and doctors. They are also receiving multiple test during this time and scientist are testing many things trying to find out what is causing it and trying to find a cure. They come up with many treatments that fail. After multiple tests they find what caused it and eventually find a cure and treat all that are infected. They also create a vaccine that everyone will be required to get so it will not arise again, but all cases will close and everything will go back to normal.

            I am pumped about this paper because I’ve never created a research paper with my own ideas, but from my past writings I have a few concerns. When starting a paper, my biggest concern is on my introduction. A good introduction is crucial because this is where you either hook your reader or lose them. I spend a ridiculous amount of time coming up with where to start on my paper. I want to have a great first sentence along with a good thesis and those two things always seem to stump me. I always over think things and doesn’t mix well with writing. I also worry about the flow of paper. When bringing up new information in my paper, I don’t feel like I tie it in well to the previous information. Doing this could make my paper confusing and no one wants to read something that doesn’t make sense. The flow of your paper is what makes your reader want to keep reading.

            I have come to believe that my weaknesses in writing outweigh my strengths. There are a few things I don’t feel that I am bad at due to comments I’ve received from teachers and peers. One thing I have been told from peer reviews is that my papers are interesting. I normally do well at connecting with my audience. I do this by always looking at the rhetorical situation before starting my paper. Knowing who your reader is makes it a whole lot easier to write because you know how to approach them and things you can say that they may relate to. My papers are also found to be interesting because I provide a lot of details. I like explaining things well so my reader knows exactly what I am talking about. Lastly, I am always open to new ideas and changes.

            When conducting research, I worry that I may accidentally use an unreliable source. If I were to choose an unreliable source my paper would be useless because all my information would pointless. Now that I know how to use the CRAAP test on sources and google scholar it will make finding reliable sources a lot easier. One thing I still worry about is not being able to find all the information I need to apply the CRAAP test to a source. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the author and their information. I sometimes struggle when determining if a source is reliable, but there are some I can glance at and immediately tell because of their set up. Some examples include music playing in the background, ads popping up everywhere, or weird fonts. Knowing what to look out for eliminates many unreliable sources.

I enjoy doing research because I like learning things I did not even attend to find. I have not done much research in the past because we did not cover it at all in English 1010. This class covered writing structure, mechanics, and different processes. It helped me develop a better understanding of writing. I found many things I was doing wrong, along with tips that will improve my writing. We also covered new terms that expanded my knowledge on types of writing. The main term we covered was rhetoric. Prior to English 1010 I did not even know what rhetoric was, but now that I do, I see it being used around me every day. Most importantly I learned how rhetoric is used in writing and how effective it can be. I did my first ever reflective writing assignment and learned how to create an e-portfolio in English 1010.

Blog 4

Dear Best Friend,

I heard you were thinking about visiting Chernobyl for spring break. I do not think this is a good idea. Chernobyl is a very dangerous place due to the huge disaster that occurred in 2011. Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith at independent says that the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant released 400 times more radioactive material into the air than the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Although it is now open for tours, it is still not 100 percent safe to visit. According to Darmon Richter, a travel blogger who specializes in “dark tourism”, “The real risk is coming into contact with irradiated particles left over from the time of the accident.” There are still things out there that can harm you and your health. I also don’t want you to go because you’re very curious, and don’t normally pay much attention to your surroundings. What if you get separated from your group on the tour and never find your way back or wander somewhere forbidden to the public? Darmon got separated from his group during his tour so it can happen to anyone. Although he was just fine, does not mean that you will be. Please consider your safety first when deciding on your trip. Be careful!

Love Always, Madison